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You: What is social trading?

Qoo: Qooaims.com in an online signal trading platform which showcase experienced, consistent, professional and selfless lead traders, where our proprietary technology enables these traders to provide trade signals (aka named trading signal providers) to all mt4 that is connected and tag to them.


And all tagged mt4 will received the signal provider’s trades as fully copied. Other commonly used terms for social trading are; mirror trade, follow trade, copy trade, signal trading, signal providers, signal traders.

You: How does it works?

Qoo: At Qooaims.com we make copy trade very simplified. Simply, Follow> Copy > Earn.Choose and follow your choice signal providers. click Follow and leave the automated connection to do the magic of copying all trade positions of best signal provider to your mt4. Earn and keep 100% of profits made by copying.

You: Can I copy multiple signal providers?

Qoo: Yes. However, please be aware of your purpose of copying.

If the purpose is to develop your own portfolio of different strategies and diversification of risks, please also follow the recommended trading capital of each signal provider in your portfolio. And the EA setting is an excellent risk management tool to use to your advantage.

You: How can copy trade be seamless?

Qoo: Qooaims.com is powered by a proprietary and more than 10 years of established and stable engine platform to enable a seamless follow, copy, earn exchanges between signal providers and their follower traders.

You: Is it the same as copy trade or mirror trade or follow trade or signal trade?

Qoo: Yes

You: Do I have to pay for the trader for copying his trades to my account?

Qoo: There is no subscription fee to Qooaims.com if you have choose to register a mt4 account with our choice broker.

You: Is there profit sharing with the trader whom i copied his trades?

Qoo: No, You get to keep 100% of profits in your mt4 account. In fact, you can potentially earn more profits than the signal provider if you understand how best to leverage on Qooaims features, flexibility and control in your approach to Follow > Copy > Earn.

You: Are these signal providers doing live trading?

Qoo: Yes. Each signal provider’s trading is linked to a third party site at myfxbook, presenting verified real data.

You: Where can I view verified trading results of the signal providers?

Qoo: You can refer to the respective signal provider’s verified results via the link to myfxbook, an independent site.

You: Why is there a minimum and recommended capital for each signal provider?

Qoo: Recommended capital is the initial funded capital to the follower’s mt4 account before one follow and copy this signal trader account. This is one of money management in trading where capital, leverage and margin act as vital factor to one’s winning probability.Minimum capital is a negotiated down amount which could subject to higher risk then the respective signal trader’s position and we suggest one to use the Risk / Money Management function to adjust proportionately to the recommended lots size traded.

You: Do I need to know forex trading before I can participate to follow and copy signal providers?

Qoo: No, you can be a passive follower without any forex trading knowledge. Qooaims.com is a high tech platform to connect your mt4 to any of your choice signal traders whom you followed, and auto copy all the trades over.

You: Can I intervene how I want to copy the trades of the signal provider?

Qoo: Yes, you can adjust the EA setting of respective or global signal providers.

You: Can I choose to follow and unfollow any signal providers anytime, anywhere?

Qoo: Yes, all at your discretion. However, please read the FAQ for users to understand the possible scenario and effect of each execution you made.

You: Can I choose to copy only selected trades of the signal provider?

Qoo: Yes, all at your discretion. However, please read the FAQ for users to understand the possible scenario and effect of each execution you made

You: Can I choose to trade on my mt4 while still following the signal provider?

Qoo: Yes, all at your discretion. However, please read the FAQ for users to understand the possible scenario and effect of each execution you made.

You: How do I open an Mt4 to start Follow > Copy > Earn?

Qoo: You may click here to register a trading account with our choice broker. Please refer to detail guide on this.

You: Where and when can I view the trading results?

Qoo: You can view live trading from your mobile, localised mt4 in any of your devised after you download the Meta Trader 4 App. You can also login to the follow trade site to view your account status. And receive daily trade reports from the broker where Mt4 is connected to Qooaims.

You: If there any social commentaries, discussions, exchanges on various signal providers?

Qoo: Yes. Please join us in our Facebook or refer to Qoo affiliate partners to get socially engaged and celebrated daily with Qoo excitements.

You: Is there any guide to using the traders site to Follow > Copy > Earn?

Qoo: Yes. There is visual and audio guide to aid you, apart from getting connected to our social media platforms, workshops and webinars.

You: How do I get to enhance my knowledge on forex trading?

Qoo: You are welcome to join us in our various online / offline sharing, educational workshops, webinars. clinics to get connected, equipped, empowered to be a successful and profitable follow traders and affiliate partners.

You: Can I be a signal provider with Qooaims.com?

Qoo: We have a Qoo Signal Provides Approval Department to ensure stringent quality assessments of all potential signal providers to ensure there is 100% satisfaction to the 3 factors of Consistency, Proficiency, Professionalism.


Please be in contact with us if you are an aspiring signal provider and excited to grow and earn with Qooaims.com.

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