Forex for Wealth Building

One of the best instruments to build one's wealth is to leverage on foreign currency trading (forex).


Most people think forex is highly risky, but in actual fact, the amount at risk is determined by the individual trader depending on the amount of capital he is willing to loss. For forex, this capital amount is about the same as buying a penny stock which is about $5,000.


Using penny stock to grow your wealth could take a much longer time and the stock could easily tank even if one have done his due-diligence as the equity market can be more irrational than our emotion other than considering the ability of the company's management.


As for forex, with a piggyback access of Fintech companies like, we can ride on professional traders to to enter the foreign currency market as one benefit from the expert traders by following or copying their trades freely. From the pool of lead traders, one can be selective to choose the cream of the crowd to mirror their trades and yet set the risk exposure at a level the follow trader is comfortable with and can sleep soundly at night.


The idea is to growth our wealth slowly and consistently over the long term.

Myfxbook is a good independent reference point for any trader to analyse trade results. This linkup is free and can be done for both demo and live account. Many educators and forex service providers selling their services for thousands of dollars, and yet they are unable to provide their accounts via myfxbook link for potential customers to validate their track record. Thus, as potential customers, one must do your own due diligence to weed out the good from the bad. Without linking their trade records to an independent validator such as myfxbook, how does one has an accredited record to showcase?


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