Make Your Pips and Rebates with Green Ocean Strategy

Determine Foreign Currency Trading/Investment is Necessary


Check out the list of tradable / investable vehicles in comparison to the key factors in consideration from an investor perspective.  As an investor, a diversified portfolio should contain a mix of these vehicles to tap on respective key benefits and leverage the downsides of other complimentary vehicles.  


Also, investible capital, age group, risk appetite and goal of investment purposes play a part to the weightage in allocating the investible funds.


Its a myth that forex trading is deemed to be a very high risk vehicle which folks tend to shun.  In actual fact, its all about understanding the art of tapping on 1 prime strength of leveraging on a calculated basis then gambling the market.  Due to its highly leveraged base, its all about probability to winning the keep on a consistent manner, to buffer the calculated lower quantum of losses and derive a nett gain, on a given period.  Although sounded a simple formula, 95% of traders could not stick to this formula.  Why? Oh, theres a high element of winning one’s psychological and emotional state such as in lost management or capital preservation against  the big boys in the global market.



Adopting the Green Ocean


Qooaims social trading platform creates the innovative and friendly space for any level and type of traders to value add and participate by piggyback on professional traders who are either consistently performing positively or negatively.   The technology and business model enables you to manage a portfolio of signal providers for capital appreciate, passive income investment, ballooning your IB rebates; in a creatively win-win and enriching manner for all.


We welcome enterprising and far-sighted partners, investors, IBs to tap on this award winning fintech for unlimited possibilities of growth in your pips and rebates in speed and depth.


Adopt and join our team of Green Ocean Strategists in this sharing gig economy.  With Qooaims, traders need not be lonely and losing.  Investors need not be fearful and disadvantaged.  Educators need not be beaten by competition.  Introducing brokers (IBs) need not be at the mercy of brokers.



Zelda Cai

CEO, Qooaims.