QOOAIMS - Past performance posted by Signal and Systems Providers (Traders), is not indicative of future results. No representation is made that any account is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. 

The performance of customers electing to trade a different lot size from those used by a Signal Provider will vary. Customers may place trades independent of those provided by a Signal Provider or place customized orders to exit positions which differ from those of a Signal Provider. All performance results presented only include the results of completed trades and do not reflect the profit or loss on open positions. Due to differences in the bid/ask offered by various counterparties, all trades executed in the account of a Signal Provider may not be executed in a customer account if the bid/ask of the Forex broker at which the customer maintains the customer's account is different from that of the Signal Provider's broker or due to volatility in the market.

Customers may choose not to follow all of the trading signals provided by the signal providers or be abled to trade the recommended number of contracts due to insufficient funds in an account. Therefore, the results shown are not indicative of an account which may/may not have traded all of Signal Provider’s signals or contracts. Further, by electing to follow a number of different Signal Providers at one time, customers may not be able to follow all of the signals generated due to the customer’s account having insufficient funds. Accordingly, the performance of customer accounts may vary significantly from the results portrayed on this website or third party  trade verified site.

This website does not make any representation whatsoever that the above mentioned trading systems might be or are suitable or that they would be profitable for you. Please realize the risk involved with trading Forex investments and consult an investment professional before proceeding. The trading systems described have been developed for sophisticated traders who fully understand the nature and the scope of the risks that are associated with trading. Should you decide to trade any or all of these systems' signals, it is your decision.